The danger of the comfort zone is that it is actually comfortable -Ebbi

The danger of the comfort zone is that it is actually comfortable.

The luring desire to settle, seeps into your mind like gentle breeze

What could be better?

Hakuna Matata!! 💃💃

You see…

We’d rather incline towards what we’re used to and what we’re certain of…

Uncertainty is unsettling…

The comfort zone offers us certainty and comfort.

It’s also the zone where the average mind settles

The mere thought of leaving your comfort zone is unsettling.

The act of leaving is even tougher

The opposite of the comfort zone is the COURAGE ZONE.

The courage zone is a place of audacity, courage and risk

You feel odd

It’s uncomfortable

You look silly, unreasonable, even ridiculous!

It rarely makes sense, at first…

So much so, that loved ones will lovingly discourage you from going on the rough terrain of courage

But, that’s where dreams are realized

That’s where desires are fulfilled

That’s where purposes are birthed…

The courage zone will stretch you..

You’re leaving behind the known for the unknown

You’re ditching the certain for the uncertain

You’re leaving comfort for what looks like an illusion.

If you stay through your decision to get yo the next level…

It will most certainly be challenging at first.

You’ll most definitely ask yourself questions like – who sent me?

But, if you stick through the process

Determined to change your situation

Resolved to change the narrative…

Showing up in spite of the uncertainty

Showing up afraid…

Allowing courage to place a demand on your convenience…

Surrounding yourself with minds that are set to achieve more

You’ll emerge on the other side of fear…

You’ll become all that you were made capable of BEING

And you’ll be a reference point for others, who want MORE!!

Yvonne Ebbi ©

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